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FY2024 Second Quarter Community Champions Awards

The MENTOR Network Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce its Community Champions for the second quarter of FY24. These employees were nominated by their colleagues and are being recognized for their work with local nonprofit organizations, where they dedicate their time and talents to improve quality of life for their communities. The Champions’ chosen nonprofits received up to $2500 grant from the Foundation.

Natalie Mussell, Senior Employee Relations Manager, CSS ND

Quilts of Valor

Natalie makes homemade quilts for veterans each Veteran’s Day, volunteering with the nonprofit Quilts of Valor. In 2023, she made 13 quilts “with love and a gentle touch” according to the team members. Natalie’s spouse is a veteran and this is one of many ways she supports military and veteran families.

Amber Wilson, Area Director, CSS IN

Tippecanoe County Senior Center

Amber volunteers and sits on the board of the Tippecanoe County Senior Center. Throughout the year, she coordinates and volunteers at events, nights out, and holiday gatherings for senior citizens in her community.

Kimiyo Garcia, BCBA, CFS MA

Starlings Inspire

Kimiyo recently joined the board of Starlings Inspire, a nonprofit that runs youth volleyball programs for underserved girls ages 10-18 in the Providence, RI area. The organization seeks to build community, leadership skills, and confidence through its youth programming. In her self-nomination, Kimiyo described her connection to the organization’s mission: “Coming from a young woman who has a lot in common with our players, I feel tremendous responsibility to advocate and help support these girls as much as I can.”

Makenzi Dingman, DSP, CSS IA

West Central Community Action Headstart

Makenzi volunteers with the West Central Community Action Headstart Center while in school full time for early childhood education, working full time as a DSP, and caring for her children. She spends at least 8 hours a week volunteering in the early childhood classrooms, assisting with lesson planning, planning activities, and acting as the janitor because the center cannot afford custodial staff.

Nicole Jensen, Quality Improvement Specialist, CSS IA

Marshalltown Community Theatre

Nicole volunteers with the Marshalltown Community Theatre as a hair and make up artist and show director. She has participated in the rural community theater for the past decade, saying about her experience “I love seeing the community members reactions to our shows and hearing how much they have enjoyed what we have done!”

HSI Luverne employee group, CSS MN

Luverne Area Chamber of Commerce

HSI team in Luverne volunteer together throughout the year for community events including parades, communtiy cookouts, and holiday giving for community members in need. Volunteer efforts are led by Stacy Olson and include Billie DeSchepper, Ginger Schomacker, Crystal Holtz, Amber Davis, Derek Hamm, Kelly Halverson, Kayla Wolfe, Amanda Johnson, Lori Holtz, Dani Blom, Brittany Farenholtz, Keri Vanderbeek, and Kim Rashe.

Marcella Webber, Program Supervisor, CSS MN

PJ’s Rescue

Marcy volunteers her time with PJ’s Rescue, a rescue shelter for animals facing euthanasia, by coordinating fundraisers and adoption events in the community. Her dedication helps PJ’s Rescue fulfill its mission to save dogs and cats from euthanasia and find them loving homes.

Victoria Harding, VP, Strategic Development, SHR

Solidarity Bridge

Every year, Tori travels to Sucre, Bolivia as part of a ten day medical mission. She volunteers with some of the least resourced health care providers in Central America to teach the delivery of brain injury rehabilitation as part of Solidarity Bridge’s NeuroTrauma initiative. She funds her travel personally and uses her paid time off for the trip because she believes in the work and mission of Solidarity Bridge.

Kerri Weaver, Intake Coordinator, CSS IA

Lisbon/Mt.Vernon Ambulance Service

Kerri became a certified EMT in 2021 and has volunteered as one since then for the Lisbon / Mt. Vernon Ambulance Service. She volunteers alongside her husband and brother, who all saw the need for EMTs in their community.

Anna Phillippi, Program Director, CSS WI

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Anna volunteers with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to build and deliver beds to children in need throughout Wisconsin.

Kraig Nelson, DSP, CSS MN

Minnehaha County Emergency Management Rescue

Kraig volunteers as an EMT for the Minnehaha County Emergency Management Rescue, commuting back to support the organization on his days off and evenings.

Pam Shackleton, Program Director, CSS IA

Northern Lights Alliance Homeless Shelter and North Iowa Mutual Aid

Employees at REM Developmental Services of Mason City dedicate a significant amount of their time to community organizations, volunteering as a group on their own time and with the individuals serves by the program. The group dedicates their time to community improvement organizations to create, stock, and run little free food pantries through Northern IA Mutual Aid, volunteer at the Northern Lights Homeless Shelter serving community members without permanent homes, and running fundraisers for local causes.