Community Champions

Carla Maxwell Recertification Coordinator, Missouri MENTOR
Grant Recipient, Jordan's Place

Carla Maxwell began volunteering at Jordan’s Place covering as many shifts as she could, to help keep the organization’s doors open. She was passionate about it from the start because her friend founded Jordan’s Place following the death of her 17 year old son, Jordan, to a heroin overdose. Jordan’s Place offers a community gathering facility directed at providing positive alternative activities for area youth. Their mission is to end substance abuse, bullying, depression, stress/anxiety, suicide, violence, teen pregnancy and the many other challenges facing youth today. Jordan’s Place is a community supported facility, filled with billiards, ping pong, foosball, snack bar, lounge, study area, and is a safe place for youth to socialize in a supervised environment.

“Carla ensures that the youth have safe and fun events to look forward to such as camping trips, dances and spa nights,” said Becky Guempel, Recertification Coordinator, Missouri MENTOR. “She truly wants to make a difference in the lives of youth.”

Carla gives her time by fundraising, serving on the Board of Directors, planning activities and supervising regular afterschool shifts. Jordan’s Place is that safe place that youth need when they feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. About 30 students visit Jordan’s Place each day afterschool and over 100 are in attendance when events are held.

“Jordan’s Place gives kids an alternative, somewhere safe to be, and people who care about them,” said Carla. “I wish everyone had a Jordan’s Place because our community has seen too many young lives lost.”

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