Community Champions

Carol O’Hara Program Coordinator, Pennsylvania MENTOR
Grant Recipient, Mobile Indian Mission

For the Navaho Indians in Snowflake Arizona, Carol O’Hara is a true hero. Carol has opened her heart to children and their families living in poverty on the Navaho reservation in Arizona. In just the past few years, Carol has sponsored many children, held several fundraisers and volunteered her time to gather and send countless donations such as clothing, school supplies and toys.

Families on the reservation live in extreme poverty and often go without the proper food, clothing and shelter. After learning about these terrible conditions from a member of her church Carol was eager to help out. She joined The Mobile Indian Mission—an outreach group designed to enhance the educational progress and well being of Navajo children in Northern Arizona—and sponsored a group of siblings during the holidays.

Supporting the Navaho children and working with the Mobile Indian Mission is a big commitment but Carol also finds the time to give back to her own community. Each year, during Pennsylvania MENTOR’s holiday party she hosts an auction to benefit various organizations including a homeless shelter, the Red Cross and local fire station. Carol also served as a Girl Scout Leader for thirteen years and teaches Sunday School every week to young children in her community.

The Mobile Indian Mission will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation in honor of Carol’s unwavering commitment to helping others.