Community Champions

Corinne Sosin Family Support Worker, Massachusetts MENTOR
Grant Recipient, Marlborough Hospital

At Marlborough Hospital in Massachusetts, Corinne Sosin, generously donates her time to support patients, families and hospital staff when they need it most. Since 2003, Corinne has served as a volunteer chaplain and touched the lives of others in many ways.

Corinne provides “Brief Counseling” where she meets with patients often facing a difficult diagnosis for 1-3 sessions, to help them move through the healing process or reach a level of acceptance with the things they cannot change. She has even been sought out by many members of the hospital staff—from nurses to janitorial workers—to help them with personal issues including divorce, job burnout, language barriers, and more.

Corinne has also led workshops for leaders of community clergy to discuss the importance of pastoral care in hospital settings. All too often, pastoral care is considered a low priority at many healthcare facilities and resources are extremely limited. Corinne not only reaches out to those in need of her support but helps others understand the importance of her work and its effect on those she serves.

Marlborough Hospital will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation in honor of Corinne’s volunteer spirit and hard work.