Community Champions

David Wilson Regional Director, REM Minnesota
Grant Recipient, Red Cross

For David Wilson, volunteering to help others when they need it most is not only a privilege but a duty. As a dedicated volunteer for the Twin Cities Chapter of the Red Cross, David has helped hundreds of people throughout St. Paul, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. For the past few years, he has served as a Volunteer Coordinator and been involved with several major disaster relief efforts including the collapse of the I-35 Bridge and supporting individuals displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

David’s interest in the Red Cross and passion for helping others stems from his own personal experience. While attending college in his home country of Liberia, David lost contact with his family due to the civil war occurring at that time. Fortunately, through the Liberia National Red Cross David’s family was able to get a message to him and eventually they were reunited. After this experience, David was moved to provide the same type of support to others and volunteered as a physician’s assistant in Liberia and then quickly became a disaster relief volunteer after moving to the U.S.

The Twin Cities Chapter of the Red Cross will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation in honor of David’s volunteer spirit and hard work.