Community Champions

Debbie Beall Office Manager, REM Iowa
Grant Recipient, Anamosa Community School Foundation

For the past 7 years, Debbie Beall has dedicated an incredible amount of time and energy toward fundraising and supporting extracurricular activities – specifically in the music and athletic departments – at Anamosa High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  As a small school in the area, Anamosa relies heavily on the support of parents and volunteers to ensure their students have successful programming.

“My children inspired me to get involved,” said Debbie. “I started volunteering at Anamosa when my daughter started as a freshman, and haven’t stopped since!” Debbie’s son also attends Anamosa and will be a senior this year.

Debbie is an avid sports fan, and a seasoned volunteer in the athletics department at Anamosa High. She enjoys all aspects of sports, pitching in wherever needed. Debbie has served as the scoreboard operator, worked the concession stands, baked goods for athletic fundraisers, assembled countless snack packs for athletes on the track, volleyball, baseball, football and basketball teams, and regularly keeps the statistics for men’s basketball. Her team spirit is contagious. Debbie is a welcome fan to all events and activities, and she is treasured by students, coaches and parents alike.

“It’s fun, and I enjoy getting to know everyone,” said Debbie. “I like to be there for the kids and the coaches.”

Debbie also serves as the treasurer of the Music Boosters, overseeing all aspects of financial responsibilities and fundraising activities of the school’s music program. She’s traveled across the country as a chaperone for band and choir trips, helping give students the opportunity to see cities they might not otherwise visit. She recalls accompanying students to New York City one year; “The students performed at a church that was used as a triage unit during the September 11thattacks,” said Debbie. “That really hit home for them. It was incredible to see the students learn more about the event and how moved they were by the experience. It was a privilege to have accompanied them on that trip.”

In addition to her work with the music and athletic programs, Debbie has volunteered with a number of other departments at the high school, including the theater department and “Post Prom” committee, which organizes safe ways to keep students entertained after the junior and senior proms. She never misses a chance to support the students, the extracurricular departments, and the school as a whole.

“I just like to help people, said Debbie. “If I can make other people’s jobs easier, I like to jump in.”

“As the office manager for REM Iowa, Debbie is often the first point contact many people have with the state office whether they reach out to us by phone or in person, and I could not ask for a better representative of our team,” said Lisa Pakkebier, Executive Director at REM Iowa. “She is professional, kind, caring, considerate, positive and uplifting.  She goes above and beyond for every person she comes in contact with.  They will be her number one priority; they know and they feel it.  This is called the “and then some” mentality.  She does what is expected … and then some.”

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