Dione Glenn Unit Coordinator, REM Iowa
Grant Recipient, First Baptist Church of Carter Lake

Once a week, the First Baptist Church of Carter Lake in Carter Lake, Iowa runs a food pantry and goods giveaway—the only requirement for community members to participate is need. Helping to make sure that the community is getting food, clothes and furniture that they might not otherwise be able to afford is Dione Glenn.

Without the time that Dione and her family give to the church’s food pantry and giveaway program, it’s likely that it wouldn’t be nearly as successful: the church has only around 25 members—so every hour volunteered means another person who can benefit from the program. And lately, that number has been growing steadily, with nearly 100 people visiting each week.

Additionally, the church keeps an apartment in the community for individuals who might need temporary shelter.

In honor of Dione’s volunteer spirit and hard work, the First Baptist Church of Carter Lake will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation which will be used for the church’s weekly giveaways.