Community Champions

Heather Wilson Program Records Coordinator, Massachusetts MENTOR, New Bedford IHT
Grant Recipient, Food for Friends Food Pantry

Heather Wilson has been working with the Food for Friends Food Pantry in Westport, Mass., since 2011. She serves as the General Manager, ensuring that the Westport community has access to food and necessary living resources. Under Heather’s direction, the Food Pantry serves approximately 70 households per month, providing around 285 bags of food to seniors and families in need. Each bag contains enough food for 10 meals, carefully assembled by Heather to ensure that each bag offers a variety of sustenance.

As General Manager, Heather oversees a team of 24 volunteers that work together to sort donations, hand out food, and administer deliveries to homebound individuals. In this role, she has developed strong relationships with many people in the community and has become a fierce advocate for those in need of basic resources. Heather is inspired to volunteer by the individuals she serves.

Food for Friends Food Pantry will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation in honor of Heather’s volunteer spirit and hard work.