Community Champions

Jeanne Donahue Licensing Representative, Illinois MENTOR
Grant Recipient, The Family Resource Center

Placing herself in another’s shoes is second nature for Jeanne Donahue, Licensing Representative in Illinois MENTOR’s Peoria office. On any given day, you might find her tilling the soil in a community garden, running the book committee of her local parish or counseling women facing challenging pregnancies. She works hard to understand the hurdles people face—especially families—and she addresses them by volunteering hours each week for several community organizations, many associated with St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Peoria, Illinois.

Jeanne has chaired various fundraisers—from book booths to rummage sales—and she has gone door-to-door to introduce her neighbors to local causes and charities. The community garden she works in provides produce to a food pantry. She is the sole source of transportation for a friend with cerebral palsy.

One of Jeanne’s favorite organizations, The Family Resource Center in Peoria, will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation in honor of Jeanne’s volunteer spirit and hard work.