Community Champions

Jenny Mabee Senior Proposal Writer, The MENTOR Network
Grant Recipient, GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project

Jenny Mabee serves as an advocate for the GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project crisis hotline, a 24-hour hotline to support victims and survivors of domestic violence and their friends and families. Individuals may contact the hotline for immediate crisis counseling, help planning for safety, and for more information about the project’s services, including court/medical accompaniment and help navigating social service systems. A true advocate, Jenny is on call weekly for a twelve-hour overnight weekend shift ensuring that those in need have someone to speak to, no matter what time of day it is.

Prior to moving to Massachusetts last year, Jenny volunteered for many years at domestic abuse shelters for women. When she relocated, she saw a poster for the GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project and realized members of the GLBTQ community were facing many of the same issues as the women at homeless shelters – with fewer resources. The Project helps to bridge this gap by providing all survivors of domestic abuse with equal access to quality services regardless of their gender identity, expression and/or sexuality. Immediately recognizing that she could be of help, Jenny began volunteering.

As a crisis hotline advocate, Jenny received extensive training in order to take calls from anyone who may be looking for help dealing with physical, emotional or psychological abuse. There are so few resources of this kind that she sometimes receives calls from individuals in other states. “I may receive a call from someone needing validation that they are in an abusive relationship and I help them to recognize their situation,” she said. “Other times I help them find a safe place to go, create a safety plan with them, or tell them about triggers to watch out for.”

“GLBTQ issues are so under-discussed, and many people do not think about it,” Jenny shared. “Domestic violence is often thought of being an issue only affecting children, wives, and girlfriends. It does not matter what group you affiliate with. Anyone can be a victim.”

“Jenny is an amazing and thoughtful listener,” said Elizabeth Farley, Marketing Coordinator at The MENTOR Network. “I believe she has the ability to empower callers with her empathy, compassion and desire to help. I am honored to work with her as her commitment to this cause makes a positive difference for the GLBTQ community. She offers support, guidance and resources to victims, survivors and their families who have nowhere else to turn.”

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