Jessica Embry Program Director, NeuroRestorative Kentucky
Grant Recipient, Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky

Jessica Embry has served on the Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky (BIAK) since 2008 and was elected President this past year. BIAK is a non-profit agency that serves those affected by brain injury through advocacy, education, prevention, service and support.

In her role, Jessica focuses on fundraising and raising awareness. She also devotes her time to linking survivors of brain injury and their families to support from others with similar experience and other resources. She personally knows how important this is because at the age of 7, her father suffered from a brain injury.

Jessica said, “Because of my dad, I want to be able to help others. Being a child affected by brain injury, I knew people weren’t aware of the issues. I just want to make a difference and help others.”

Jessica’s motivation for entering the field of brain injury is related to her father’s brain injury, but her continued passion revolves around the success stories that come out of her work both with NeuroRestorative and BIAK. She influences the lives of nearly 100 clients with brain injuries each day at work, and her volunteer work only adds to this number of those affected by brain injury that she positively impacts. Most recently she spearheaded a bike helmet campaign in which BIAK provided free helmets across the state in order to help prevent the fourth leading cause of brain injury in Kentuckians, ages 5-14.

Jessica shared that the most rewarding parts about volunteering with BIAK are, “the changes we make together as a team to help those that are affected and building the camaraderie and support network in the community for survivors and their family members.”

“Jessica is passionate about her role in the treatment of adults with brain injury,” said Jane Stahl, State Director at NeuroRestorative Kentucky. “Her first ‘job’ in brain injury was as a child when her father sustained a brain injury and she became a caregiver.  Today she shares her heart and expertise with our participants, families, staff and community.”

Brain Injury Awareness is Jessica’s passion, and BIAK provides her an extended platform to continue to spread the word.

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