Community Champions

Julie Pritchett Facilities Coordinator, NeuroRestorative Kentucky
Grant Recipient, Saving Sunny

Saving Sunny, Inc. rescues dogs through working with sheltering partners, and also assists pet owners  whose dogs are at risk of entering the shelter system with basic resources and education.  Julie Pritchett began as an intern at Saving Sunny but her work did not end there.  Julie now serves as a Board Member for the organization and volunteers about 16 hours a week in the community on behalf of the organization.

Julie connects dog owners with resources and services in the community so that owners do not have to turn their animals over to shelters if they are not able to provide food or medical care.

“With my social work background, I get out in the community and build a rapport with the individuals so they trust me,” said Julie.  “This enables me to work more directly with them to remove barriers so they can live more self-sustaining lives which trickles down to their pets.”

Each month, Saving Sunny, hosts a community dog resource center at a local park.  There they provide food, spade and neuter services, tick prevention and behavior training.  More and more people are coming out to these events since the word is spreading.

“Julie’s passion for animals is apparent what you first meet her,” said Chris Nalley, Human Resources Business Partner, NeuroRestorative.  “She always spends time talking or showing photos of her own animals and the work she is doing with Saving Sunny.  This work comes naturally to her giving and compassionate personality.”

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