Community Champions

Kristin Fensterbusch Direct Support Professional, REM Iowa
Grant Recipient, Red Cross

Kristin Fensterbusch began volunteering at an early age and has worked with many different organizations—in her own community and abroad. She generously donates her time to make a difference in the lives of others and is now putting her nursing education and training to use in her volunteer work. Over the years, Kristin has become a Big Sister, volunteered at local medical centers and most recently traveled abroad to support children and families in need.

Kristin started volunteering in high school at a local medical center where she provided support in the nursery. After high school, she joined the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Association and has become a role model for several young girls in her community. Last year Kristin participated in a remarkable program run by Cross Cultural Solutions, which brings together people of many backgrounds and skill levels to help children and adults in needy countries around the world. Through this program, Kristin had the opportunity to bring her talent, skills and passion for helping others to many individuals who do not have access to basic necessities for daily life. For most of the summer, Kristin lived in a small community outside of Capetown, South Africa where she spent her days volunteering at the government and children’s hospital and in the local schools and day care centers.

The Cedar Rapids Chapter of the Red Cross will receive a $500 grant in honor of Kristin’s volunteer spirit and hard work.