Community Champions

Lyrae Tull Financial Controller, CareMeridian
Grant Recipient, StandUp For Kids

Lyrae Tull is the Director of Volunteers at StandUp For Kids (SUFK), a nonprofit organization in southern California dedicated to ending youth homelessness in Orange County. StandUp For Kids carries out their mission by sending volunteers into the community to locate, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives, without condition or judgment.

Volunteering over 60 hours per month, Lyrae helps organize activities, events and programs to benefit homeless children between the ages of 11 and 24 through the SUFK program. Under Lyrae’s direction, SUFK’s volunteers support homeless youth by accompanying them to court appointments and school events—including parent/teacher conferences as well as helping with the everyday necessities, such as haircuts and shopping excursions.

StandUp For Kids will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation in honor of Lyrae’s volunteer spirit and hard work.