Community Champions

MeMe Perdue Program Director, NeuroRestorative Kentucky
Grant Recipient, Action for Healthy Kids

MeMe Perdue is a strong believer in all aspects of healthy living –spiritual, mental, physical and social. She is constantly promoting healthy lifestyles through her church, her job, and her volunteer work through Action for Healthy Kids (AHK,) the nation’s leading nonprofit and largest volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and undernourishment.  AHK strives to make every child healthy, active, and ready to learn by helping schools become healthier environments.

AHK mobilizes school professionals, families and communities to take action that leads to healthy eating, physical activity and healthier schools.  They provide nutrition classes for students and parents, create community projects such as constructing walking trails near school property, raise funds for indoor playground equipment in areas that experience poor weather, and provide healthy breakfast options to be available at schools, in addition to various other projects.

An avid runner all her life, participating in the New York City Marathon has always been MeMe’s dream. This past November, she was able to make that dream come true. Action for Healthy Kids had a slot open on their “Team for Healthy Kids,” which raises money for the organization through the NYC Marathon.  MeMe was offered the slot and raised over $3,000 prior to running the race, and was overjoyed at the opportunity to combine her passion for running and supporting AHK.  Her team of 24 runners raised $75,000 total for the organization.

“It was fantastic – one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” said MeMe. “It was 26.2 miles of the most exciting thing I’ve taken part of…really, the culminating event to cap off an overall theme in my life. It was 16 weeks of training, but it was a win-win for everyone. It was a wonderful opportunity for me as well as Action for Healthy Kids.”

MeMe is dedicated to getting others on the path of being physically active. In addition to her work with AHK, she teaches healthy initiatives to youth through her church and organizes a number of 5K runs to benefit local charities in her community such as food banks, softball leagues, nursing homes, and school athletic leagues. She also trains women in the community on nutrition and exercise, and is always seeking out new ways to promote healthy choices.

“I’ve always been focused on physical activity and nutrition, and I’m constantly encouraging others to live that lifestyle,” explained MeMe. “Our physical well-being is critical to our social, emotional and spiritual satisfaction. It affects so much of our lives, especially how we heal.” MeMe applies this principal to her daily work as a Program Director at NeuroRestorative Kentucky.

“MeMe’s commitment to total wellness, which encompasses the mind, body and spirit, is seen in both her personal and work life,” said Jane Stahl, State Director of NeuroRestorative Kentucky.  “Her enthusiasm is contagious.  It’s a pleasure to work with MeMe.”

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