Community Champions

Robin McInnis Case Manager, NeuroRestorative Avalon Park
Grant Recipient, Camp Boggy Creek

Robin McInnis volunteers with Camp Boggy Creek in Eustis, FL, a place where children with serious illnesses can have a fun-filled camp experience with activities including swimming and horseback riding. Robin volunteers during the camp’s family weekends, supporting an individual family in participating in activities and seeing that their needs are met while at camp. She also supports the equestrian staff by caring for the horses and taking them on trail rides for exercise.

Robin loves supporting the children and families who come to Boggy Creek, and she loves the horses, too. A rider since age 5, she took a summer job in the camp’s equestrian barn after college. Since then she’s come back year after year to help with camp activities as well as fundraising efforts like the Boggy Creek Competitive Trail Ride.

Robin enjoys volunteering at Boggy Creek because it gives the children a fun camp experience they otherwise wouldn’t have. Because there is an on-site hospital to help with any medical needs they have while at camp, the kids can relax and focus on having fun.

“When they’re at camp, they’re normal. They get to see other children who have the same thing they do, so they’re not singled out. They don’t get to feel that very often,” Robin said.

In addition to her work with the camp, Robin has served as a judge and volunteer for Special Olympics Equestrian. She also volunteers for a therapeutic riding facility called Heavenly Hooves and has even gotten NeuroRestorative participants involved.

“Animals are therapeutic. When walking, a horse has the same natural gait as us. Participants can experience the freedom of the feeling that they’re walking. It makes them more comfortable with opening up, and gives them the freedom to do what they might not be able to do on the ground,” Robin said.

Caring for others has been a part of Robin’s life for many years. Her father experienced a brain injury in 2001, and as a Case Manager for NeuroRestorative, she’s made a career of helping people overcome challenges. Whether it’s working with individuals with brain injury or helping a child forget about their illness for a while, she loves being able to make someone else’s life better.

“The community benefits tremendously whenever Robin is volunteering her time and service. She is an exceptionally selfless individual, always looking for ways to create a positive experience for someone,” said Twightla Morris, Program Director, who nominated Robin.

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