Community Champions

Tonya Logan Mentor Recruiter, MENTOR Maryland
Grant Recipient, Kayla's Village

Tonya is the founder and CEO of Kayla’s Village in Washington DC, a nonprofit that provides seminars to foster parents and others in order to improve the care of children. Tonya’s 20 years in the field of foster care combined with her personal experience as both a birth and foster parent motivated Tonya to start the program in 2007.

Kayla’s Village promotes the support and retention of foster and adoptive parents, guardians, and social service professionals. Their goal is to improve lives one person at a time by being the premier provider of innovative seminars and support for families, professionals and communities.

In addition to her work at MENTOR Maryland and Kayla’s Village, Tonya has furthered her dedication to the parenting community by recently self-publishing “Mommie’s Bright Sunshine,” a book that provides support to readers who have experienced the loss of a child. Kayla’s Village will receive a $500 grant from The Foundation in honor of Tonya’s volunteer spirit and hard work.