Community Champions

Wesner Dorce Assistant Program Director, South Shore Haitian Adult Day Health Center

Wesner left his home country of Haiti in 2006 to move to the United States. The obstacles he encountered when he arrived have inspired him to work to increase the availability and awareness of resources in his community for fellow immigrants.

Wesner was a founding member of Haitian Community Partners (HCP) in 2013 with a group of friends. It is a Brockton-based nonprofit that works collaboratively with community-based organizations to improve access to comprehensive, integrated and culturally sensitive social services, immigration resources, youth leadership and health care. As a member of the Board of Directors, Wesner oversees its administration and program activities. He also volunteers with programs such as Youth Leadership, Good Grade Awards, Community Soccer Tournaments and ESL/Technology skills.

“I supervise the Youth Leadership Program,” said Wesner. “I organize ways, such as spending the day shadowing a nurse at the Brockton Hospital, for students to explore a career before they choose their education path. I want them to understand why they are choosing the field and what they like about it before money goes toward education.”

“Wesner wants to lead by example to teach his children to also give back to others,” said Toni Goncalves, Director of Business Development and Contracting, Adult Day Health. “He is committed to volunteering to help open doors to resources for education, health services, immigration needs and other assistance for social justice.”

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